Hi everyone!
My name is Nanna, I'm a 23 year old danish Beastie. I simply fell in love with CW's Beauty and the Beast the first time I saw it. Feel free to fangirl with me! =)


I did a thing … Now the  second season has ended, and since the existing batb challenge doesn’t quiet fit, I thought I would update it a little bit. Hope you want to have fun with this! :)

Day 01: Favorite  episode

Day 02: Favorite scene

Day 03: Favorite Cat moment

Day 04: Favorite Vincent moment

Day 05: Favorite J.T. moment

Day 06: Favorite Tess moment

Day 07: Favorite Gabe moment 

Day 08: Favorite VinCat moment

Day 09: Favorite J.T./Tess moment

Day 10: Favorite Cat/Gabe moment

Day 11: Favorite J.T./Vincent moment

Day 12: Favorite Cat/Tess moment

Day 13: Favorite Gabe/Vincent moment

Day 14: Favorite J.T/Cat moment

Day 15: Favorite supporting character

Day 16: Favorite kiss

Day 17: Favorite flashback

Day 18: Favorite funny moment

Day 19: Favorite fight scene

Day 20: Favorite  houseboat moment

Day 21: Fav.  gentlemen’s club moment

Day 22: Favorite precinct moment

Day 23: Favorite Cat quote

Day 24: Favorite Vincent quote

Day 25: Favorite J.T. quote

Day 26: Favorite Tess quote

Day 27: Favorite Gabe quote

Day 28: Favorite gang moment

Day 29: Favorite beast moment

Day 30: Favorite  music moment

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