Hi everyone!
My name is Nanna, I'm a 23 year old danish Beastie. I simply fell in love with CW's Beauty and the Beast the first time I saw it. Feel free to fangirl with me! =)



365/272 Days of Kristin Kreuk

He has no match hahah

Nope. This manip is not going to happen :D

I wanna have a go with making a manip of VinCat. I just can’t seem to find a fitting photo of cute couples that justifies the arms and body of Jay Ryan. 


Welcome to small but fierce (cattess)! This blog is dedicated to the amazing partnership and friendship of Catherine ‘Cat’ Chandler and Tess Vargas from Beauty and the Beast; along with everything about the actors themselves Kristin Kreuk and Nina Lisandrello.


It looks amazing but is so easy to do! That’s the best part of it :D

A couple of VinCat moments (season 1)

J.T:What's wrong with your place?
Vincent:Well, I don't have facial recognition software or gummy worms.
J.T:Yep, that's how I lure the ladies.

Title for Episode 302 is called “Primal Fear”


@DesigningAshton said today vie Twitter ;)

Hello lovely ones! :)

My BATB alphabet series continues and JT is next and in the planning stage (if you don’t know what I’m talking about check this and this.) I have filled out some of the letters already, but I would love to hear your suggestions on some letters as well. Wanna help? Send me an ask with a fitting idea for JT based on the letters below.

D, E, H, I, J, K, M, O, R, U, Y and Z

Let me see what your creative minds can come up with!