Hi everyone!
My name is Nanna, I'm a 23 year old danish Beastie. I simply fell in love with CW's Beauty and the Beast the first time I saw it. Feel free to fangirl with me! =)


A couple of VinCat moments (season 1)

J.T:What's wrong with your place?
Vincent:Well, I don't have facial recognition software or gummy worms.
J.T:Yep, that's how I lure the ladies.

Title for Episode 302 is called “Primal Fear”


@DesigningAshton said today vie Twitter ;)

Hello lovely ones! :)

My BATB alphabet series continues and JT is next and in the planning stage (if you don’t know what I’m talking about check this and this.) I have filled out some of the letters already, but I would love to hear your suggestions on some letters as well. Wanna help? Send me an ask with a fitting idea for JT based on the letters below.

D, E, H, I, J, K, M, O, R, U, Y and Z

Let me see what your creative minds can come up with! 


@SpoilerTV_BATB: Beauty and the Beast - Episode 3.04 - Script Tease http://t.co/WDX0QTyd5q #batb #beasties

We’ve had an episode named “Beast is the new Black" in season 2 and now I hear the first episode in season 3 will be called "Beast of Wallstreet”. I like it. Intertextuality never gets old.

Title of Ep 301 BATB is called “Beast of Wall street”


Catherine Ashton kindly told us the title today during her Q/A ;)

Great one. Love it ❤️❤️

Thank you for telling me, I’m happy to hear it! :D When I have the time, I’ll make one for season 2 as well.


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