Hi everyone!
My name is Nanna, I'm a 23 year old danish Beastie. I simply fell in love with CW's Beauty and the Beast the first time I saw it. Feel free to fangirl with me! =)



He has been challenged..and Kristin in this video youtube.com/watch?v… Just not sure if they are going to do it :/ I WANT IT. I NEED SOMETHING NEW HSAKJHSKJ

Oh thanks, I didn’t know they were nominated! So many celebs have done it, so I think they really should do it. It’s all for a good laugh and their fans would love it. Make a little effort whe the opportunity is here.

Am I the only one waiting for Jay Ryan to get nominated by someone to do the ALS ice bucket challenge? I wouldn’t mind if it was done shirtless as well.




Random BATB reaction gifs per ep. ► 1x01 - Pilot

So you say …


My new fan art for our lovely VinCat ;) I used the narration quotes from the 1987 Beauty and the Beast.

[Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner]