Hi everyone! My name is Nanna, I'm a 22 year old danish Beastie. I simply fell in love with Beauty and the Beast the first time I saw it. Feel free to fangirl with me! =) thefancypansy

Ahh but adults hug too :p I know I do ahah

I will hug a guy on a first date, and if things get really crazy I might even hold his hand ;) hahaha. Then again, Vincent and Catherine had their first proper date night a hole year after they met for the first time. They were smooshy and had sex before that date! What does that tell us? Normal logic doesn’t count when there is a beast involved and the love is epic and beyond :D

beastlypadynlecki replied to your post “How come some people think Catherine and Vincent came together too…”

Ahah yea I get ya. But I honestly just wanted them just to hug each other or hold hands. I wasn’t expecting a kiss that soon eheh. :D

You’re cute, ahah :D Just think of the “real life” time in the show during the first 14 episodes. I think they were waaaaaay beyond a state of hug and hand holding. They are grown ups for crying out loud, not awkward teenagers. I clearly rememeber when I started to watch the show during it’s first hiatus after episode 9, that I wouldn’t go to bed until I got to see a kiss, and then it never came! And then I cried my eyes out when it finally did happen. All the build up was pure gold for a VinCat shipper and made it worth the wait!

Anonymous said: I saw on twitter that some Business Head guy at Sony Pictures said that season 3 of BATB is confirmed... Do you think this is true??

Even though it is great news, I will only celebrate when CW announces the renewel themselves in May. That is the only source to be trusted 100%. But since May is just around the corner, it hopefully won’t be long before we know. I’m crossing my fingers!

How come some people think Catherine and Vincent came together too soon? I’ve just begun watching The Vampire Diaries and Stefan and Elena already kissed in episode 2, while Beauty and the Beast made us wait 14 episodes for a kiss. I loved that we got to see Vincent and Catherine falling for each other in season 1 even though I wanted them to kiss so badly.

I don’t know, it was just a thought that popped into my head… And with that out of the way, I’m off to bed. 


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